Sony Xperia S coming soon in dark silver

Sony Xperia S coming soon in dark silverSony's Xperia S was the company's first post-Sony Ericsson device, and it hasn't aged too badly either – even if that transparent strip isn't your cup of tea, the overall look is neat and largely inoffensive.

And now there's a new colour scheme on the way too that's just as neat and unoffensive – a dark grey (or dark silver, as Sony is calling it) to cater for those who think black and white are just too plain.

The whole grey – sorry, dark silver – thing doesn't seem to be happening much any more, but Sony for some reason thinks now's the time, and why not? It beats the standard “oooh, here's a pink one” announcement we've become so used to (and sick of) by now.

To confirm, aside from its new paint job the dark silver Xperia S is exactly the same as every other Xperia S, which means a top-notch screen, reasonable performance and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

No word on when it'll be available, but the Sony Mobile blog post announcing the whole thing says to “keep your eyes peeled”. Not literally, obviously.

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