Sony Xperia Z handsets continue to have power problems… but here are some fixes!

Sony Xperia Z handsets continue to have power problems… but here are some fixes!

It’s fair to say that the Sony Xperia Z range are among the better Android smartphones out there. The Z2 in particular was well received last year thanks to its great build quality, long battery life and large screen. However, for some reason the Z range has continued to suffer from some rather bizarre problems, with the most notable one where users are unable to turn their devices on at all. The issue can happen abruptly, switching off the device without warning and causes all buttons becoming unresponsive. Even connecting it to a computer doesn’t help, as the devices are no longer recognised.

Here’s the thing – there are solutions available to remedy this problem, and we’ve got them listed for you to check out after the jump.

Hot to fix your Sony Xperia Z handset if it refuses to turn on

  • Locate the flap on the left side of the phone where the micro USB is and open it. There should be a small red button there. Hold it down until the phone vibrates. This should do a hard reset on the phone, making it work again.

Not fixed the problem? Here are some alternate methods.

  • Connect your phone charger and plug it into the wall as you would do you recharge the battery. Hold the volume up and power buttons for ten seconds, or until the device vibrates three times. Once that has happened, leave the phone to charge for around 3 hours.
  • If all else fails, connect your phone to your computer, load up the Sony Update software, and run the repair tool. This will check for new firmware and install it, but be warned – this is wipe your phone, so you will lose all contacts, music and pictures you haven’t already backed up.
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