Sony Xperia i1 specs and features outed by system dump

Sony Xperia i1 specs and features outed by system dumpNot content with the Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the Japanese manufacturer is tipped to be prepping yet another high-end smartphone beast, codenamed Honami and probably called the Sony Xperia i1.

We all knew to expect a 20MP rear camera, and now – thanks to a Sony Xperia i1 system dump – we’ve learned loads more about the phone and its features.

For starters, we have supposed confirmation of the Sony Xperia i1’s rumoured 20MP rear camera (5,248 x 3,936) and Snapdragon 800 processor – top of the range as far as Qualcomm goes.

Elsewhere, it sounds as though the Sony Xperia i1 is very much focused on camera wizardry. Er, makes sense, given the 20MP rear camera.

Among other things, the Sony Xperia i1 will supposedly rock Timeshift (a “best moment” burst mode), some sort of augmented reality action, and an all-new app called Info-eye – a visual search feature thought to be similar to Nokia’s HERE City Lens.

The Sony Xperia i1 will seemingly have Music Unlimited integration, too, it being Sony’s answer to Spotify and similar. A cheeky free subscription would be lovely.

There’s also a whole load of new UI stuff. For a thoroughly thorough preview, head over to Xperia Blog.

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Pianowitz  Jul. 2, 2013 at 17:56

Shut up and take my money SONY!


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