Sony Xperia Z leaked from CES 2013 floor

Sony Xperia Z leaked from CES 2013 floorThe Sony Xperia Z (nee Yuga) and Xperia ZL (nee Odin) have been getting their fair share of rumour treatment of late. Most recently we saw the pair posing together in a purportedly official press shot.

Now we have the strongest indicator yet that the Sony Xperia Z will debut at CES, as it’s been leaked directly from the show’s floor.

We don’t have any official Sony Xperia Z specs to chew on just yet, but there’s a genuine-looking pic showing the handset beside what appears to be the hand of a Caucasian male.

Rumoured Sony Xperia Z specs include a 5in 1080p display, making it the largest Sony smartphone to date. Currently, the largest Sony handset is the 4.55in Xperia T.

Other Sony Xperia Z specs are said to include a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13MP rear camera.

The Sony Xperia ZL is also expected to make an appearance at CES 2013, though it’s not clear how it compares to the Xperia Z (other than coming in a more compact shell).

We’ll inevitably have more on the Sony Xperia Z (and probably the Xperia ZL) later in the week.

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