Sony Xperia Go and Miro preparing for launch

Sony Xperia Go and Miro preparing for launchIt's another day with the letter 'y' in it. Which means that Sony has probably released or announced another phone.

Yup. Just yesterday, we were moaning about how the company won't stop coughing up handsets. And barely 24 hours later, we can inform you that both the Sony Xperia Go and the Sony Xperia Miro are both now up and available for pre-order.

Old favourite Clove has both handsets available SIM-free and unlocked. The Xperia Miro is a very pocket-friendly £126 whilst the Xperia Go is a little more pricey at £225 - though other sites are offering it slightly cheaper.

So what do you get for your money? Well, given those prices the Xperia Go is obviously the more advanced of the two and has a dual-core processor which clocks in at 1GHz and a 5MP camera offering HD video.

Its main selling point is that it is being marketed as one of those "tough phones", complete with protection from dust, water, and your own clumsiness when it slips out of your despairing grasp and hits the deck.

The ruggedised thing is hardly new, with most of the main phone makers having tried the same thing at some time or other. Predictably, the PR photos have the Xperia Go covered in water droplets to show off its toughness.

As for the Miro, remember this? Well that was all related to the launch day of said handset. It's been brought out five days ahead of schedule as a result. Specs-wise, it rocks a 3.5-inch HVGA screen with a 320x480 resolution but, what's this? A single core processor? Haven't heard that for a long time. And it's only 800MHz.

Yet it has a 5MP camera and comes with Ice Cream Sandwich preloaded out of the box (which is more than can be said for some of the pricier Xperia babies). And, to be fair to Sony, the market this device is aimed at won't be too bothered about cutting edge specs.

So, we're on the home stretch - in fact, word is that the Xperia Go will launch next week, though there's nothing definitive yet on the Miro.

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