Sony Xperia Neo L next off the production line?

Sony Xperia Neo L next off the production line?Sony has been pretty busy of late, hasn't it? The past week has seen the launch of a pair of new Android smartphones – the Xperia Go and the Xperia Acro S – plus we've finally had some serious movement on the Ice Cream Sandwich update front for existing Sony users.

And now to round off the week we have the Xperia Neo L, which looks to be going international after launching in China back in March, bringing with it – shock, horror – Android ICS right out of the box.

That's more than the Xperia Go can say for itself, and the Xperia Neo L is a couple of steps up the food chain in other areas too.

The display is a 4in IPS effort with a pixel count of 480 x 854, but Sony has chosen to stick with the single-core 1GHz Snapdragon chipset used by the current Neo V. In fact, aside from the larger screen size and slimmed down chassis – plus Android 4.0, of course – the newcomer is pretty much identical.

At this point pricing and availability details are thin on the ground – the Xperia Neo L has only just popped up on Sony's global site, so we're not sure what the plans are.

But with the low- to mid-end of the smartphone market seeing more and more of the action these days, this isn't a bad time for Sony to give its lineup a polish – albeit a modest one.

Via GSMArena

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