Has anyone tried the Sony Xperia S?

Has anyone tried out the Sony Xperia S? Thoughts?

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JanSt / MOD  May. 23, 2012 at 21:43

I used the Sony Xperia S for a week when it was launched.
Mixed experience. Camera, first of all, was excellent. Stand-out feature, really.
The non-responsive soft-keys however broke it for me. Utterly frustrating the overall experience. Also, compared to the HTC One S and other 4.3'' screeners it is quite bulky.
Which emphasizes the utterly pointless lightring around the bottom part.

Also: I felt though the screen is quite gorgeous, it has poorer viewing angles than some competitors.
Sony's UI overlay is okay. Subtler than Samsung's TouchWiz.

It's a good phone, but I would pick the One S or "just" the older Samsung Galaxy S2, tbh...
The photos it takes are marginally better than those the One S delivers, but the One S camera (like that of the One X) is real fun to use. with a host of useful features.

I won't comment on batterylife. I had both devices for a week, and 'experimented' a lot, so my usage was probably not what you'd call 'normal'. The One S seemed to perform slightly better - possibly because the Bravia-powered Sony screen is a tad more power-hungry?

I should add that 'my' Xperia S was O2-branded. Other batches may perform better etc blah blah...


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