Sony Xperia SL smiles for the camera

Sony Xperia SL smiles for the cameraEarlier in the month we were speculating about the Sony Xperia SL (or the XL), the (hopefully) Android Jelly Bean campaigner set to follow on from the current Xperia S.

And now an official pic of the upcoming device has leaked by Indonesian site IT168, suggesting a full launch can't be too far away.

Sony's Xperia naming convention isn't the easiest to get your head around, so how do we know the Xperia SL is the likely successor to the Xperia S? After all, it's only six months since the latter went on sale.

Well it's all about model numbers. The Xperia SL is also known as the LT26ii, while the Xperia S is the LT26i, suggesting a close family relationship.

Unsurprisingly there isn't much deviation from the existing Xperia design template, which is no bad thing aesthetically but doesn't help set one model apart from another. There do at least seem to a couple of non-standard colour options by the looks of things.

Similarly, don't expect a quantum leap forward spec-wise either. The Xperia Blog reckons we're looking at a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S3 chip on the inside, but that aside details remain thin on the ground.

We're not altogether sure what Sony's thinking is here. Differentiating between the various Xperia models is hard enough as it is, and what does Sony gain by pushing out an update to the Xperia S so quickly – especially when the new model still seems a couple of steps short of the best in the business.

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