Now the Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a launch date too: January 22 (in Japan)

Now the Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a launch date too: January 22 (in Japan)Another day, another slice of news about the newly emergent Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

The tablet companion to the Sony Xperia Z smartphone (announced at CES) only emerged from the mobile undergrowth for the first time this week, and now we're being told it'll be officially going on sale as soon as next week.

That's in Japan, before you get too excited, but still, a supposed January 22 on-sale date for a device we didn't even know existed this time last week isn't bad going.

Leading Japanese network DoCoMo is to blame for letting the details slip, briefly revealing online a list of its forthcoming launches before taking the page down, with Xperia Blog having surfaced the details for the rest of us.

The page mentioned that the forthcoming Android slate will be showcased in DoCoMo stores until January 27, suggesting that some kind of exclusivity period comes to an end at that point (though still most likely in Japan only, of course).

That said, we're still hopeful of getting some Sony Xperia Tablet Z action at Mobile World Congress next month. If it's already hitting the streets in Japan next week, then surely an international launch in the next couple of months isn't too much to ask?

Just to remind you, the Tablet Z is rumoured to boast a full HD 10.1in screen, a slippery 6.9mm profile (though possibly only at its thinnest point), a quad-core 1.5GHz processor and an impressive 6,000mAh power cell.

The one thing we are still waiting on, however, is a picture (the pic above is the current Sony Xperia Tablet S). Still, at this rate, visuals surely won't be too long in coming.

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