Sony Xperia Tablet S back on sale

Sony Xperia Tablet S back on saleGood news for the silent minority who've been patiently waiting for Sony to fix the production glitch with the Xperia Tablet S and get the slate back in stock ahead of Christmas: it has, and it is.

After fixing the flaw and getting the troubled slate back in production through the month, Sony's online store in the UK is once again listing the 9.4in Android pretender as being available. Good times.

This after manufacturing was halted a couple of months ago while Sony looked into complaints of water damage from several users – despite the tablet supposedly being waterproof.

Turns out the issue was the result of a small gap between the display and chassis that was leaving affected units vulnerable to moisture. The problem didn't seem to be universal, but Sony set up a free inspection and repair service for users to double-check.

Sadly, what Sony hasn't been able to do over the past couple of months is make the Xperia Tablet S any better, or any cheaper. The base 16GB Wi-Fi model costs £329, with the 3G-equipped variant priced at £429.

Those prices were on the high side even when it was first launched. Since then, however, and while the Tablet S has been on its enforced sabbatical from the store shelves, Google and Samsung have conspired to create the Nexus 10, which offers the same 16GB Wi-Fi combination for £10 less, and outdoes the Tablet S in just about every other respect too.

In short, it's hard to see what would make anyone go for the Sony instead.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 29, 2012 at 22:26

Phew... that's Christmas saved. For 50 people with a Sony fetish. :p


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