Sony Xperia Z Ultra - is it too big for an everyday phone?

I've been hovering over the Sony Xperia Z Ultra for £250 but I've never held one so I'm not sure if it's too big. I've used a Galaxy Note 3 in the past and I was ok with that. Is 0.7in much bigger?

Has anyone held or used or better yet owned the Sony Xperia Z Ultra? Thoughts on the size?

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 3, 2014 at 17:42

Yes, I find it too big.
a) the Notes have a nicer shape. The Z Ultra feels awkwardly
edgy... even the smaller Z1 felt uncomfortable in my hands - worse even than the 6in Lumia 1520 I use occasionally.

b) 0.7 in difference is the diagonal. It's quite a difference when you see and feel the bulk.

Having said that ... um... no, it's too big.
The Lumia 1520 is nicely curved, silky smooth with a good grip,
and yet, I lost count of the times I nearly dropped it.


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