Sony Xperia Z2 priced at Phones 4u, free from £47PM on contract

Sony Xperia Z2 priced at Phones 4u, free from £47PM on contractThe Sony Xperia Z2 was one of two big-name flagships unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week (the other being the Samsung Galaxy S5), and the price picture is becoming ever clearer.

Phones 4u has revealed its Sony Xperia Z2 pricing, with contracts starting at £47PM with no up-front cost. Let’s take a closer look and see what that means for ye olde bank balance.

The aforementioned £47PM Sony Xperia Z2 tariff pertains to Vodafone, and includes 3GB of 4G data, and unlimited minutes and texts. That’s £1,128 over the course of two years.

Sticking with Vodafone, you can pay £52PM - an extra £5PM - to up the 4G data allowance to 5GB, which ultimately comes to £1,248 over 24 months.

The third of Phones 4u’s “best deals” sees the Sony Xperia Z2 offered on EE, with 4GB of monthly 4G data, and unlimited minutes and texts. At £99 up front and £42.99PM, that’s £1,130.76 total.

Seriously, does anyone actually need unlimited minutes and texts in this era of Whatsapp and iMessage and Skype and what have you? It's not 2006, man.

In any case, with all three of those Sony Xperia Z2 contract offers, you’re getting a free Sony portable wireless speaker and a 1-year membership for the Gourmet Society, a restaurant discount thingy.

Phones 4u doesn’t care to offer the Sony Xperia Z2 SIM free or on PAYG, but Unlocked Mobiles, for one, puts the SIM free price at £544.98.

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Mobot do paid adverts now?


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