Sony Xperia ZR not coming to the UK at all

Sony Xperia ZR not coming to the UK at allSony's already complex Xperia ecosystem got even more muddy yesterday with the announcement of the Xperia ZR, a slightly smaller but slightly more waterproof variation on the Xperia Z.

But here's some good news if the confusion over all those different handsets is getting a bit much for you: the Xperia ZR isn't coming to the UK. As in, at all.

That's what Clove says, anyway. In a blog post on the subject, the online mobile retailer spends a bit of time (unsuccessfully) trying to clarify Sony's smartphone portfolio, and says “initial thoughts” were that the Xperia ZR would be an upgrade to the flagship Xperia Z.

But with the ZR proving instead to be a slightly more weather-hardy alternative to the Z that actually represents a step down on the spec front, it's no longer seen as an ideal fit for the UK buying public.

“If you think this is the device for you then you need to source elsewhere or opt for the Xperia Z instead,” Clove adds helpfully.

One handset that is very much on the horizon for the UK is the Xperia L. In fact, it's already here – a day ahead of schedule too, apparently. Clove has it in black and white for £228 SIM-free.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 15, 2013 at 17:11

Is that the beginning of a shortage of Android models to choose from? :p Poor UK....


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