Sony's 20MP Xperia i1 pictured for the first time?

Sony's 20MP Xperia i1 pictured for the first time?Cast your mind back to early last month and you may recall Lewis revealing Sony's rumoured 20MP “Honami” cameraphone beast would go by the official name Xperia i1 once it's released.

With no pic to go with the story, he took the sensible choice of illustrating the story with an image of a fetching lass named Honami Mitsui. Well, now there is a pic, and you're looking at it.

It comes to us via Brazilian gadget site TechTudo (which we're encountering for the first time, as far as we're aware), and for reference, the Xperia i1 is pictured in white, flanked by the newly announced Xperia Z Ultra, and the standard Xperia Z.

On this evidence the Xperia i1 clearly packs a bigger screen than the 5in Xperia Z, which contradicts earlier rumours that it too would have a 5in panel.

In fact, TechTudo says the front of the Xperia i1 is virtually all screen, so it'll likely be in the 5.3-5.4in range.

Those earlier rumours also spoke of Xperia Z Ultra-matching specs like a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, water and dust resistance and a 3,000mAh battery.

But of course it's the camera that'll be the star of the show, especially if it's got Nokia EOS-bothering features like a physically large sensor (over and above the high resolution) and glass Carl Zeiss optics.

The aforementioned 41MP PureView-equipped EOS, for the record, is set to launch on July 11. There's still no clear sign of when the Xperia i1 might be joining us.


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