Is that it? Sony's mystery device is the Xperia Miro

Is that it? Sony's mystery device is the Xperia MiroThere's an unwritten rule about hype: the more you crank it up, the more impressive the end product needs to be.

Sony's “you pick the date” schtick for its latest Xperia offering is a case in point. The idea was that the more people expressed their interest in the new device by giving a teaser page on Facebook the thumbs up, the sooner the unnamed device would be announced. Clever, right?

Well, 25,914 votes later, Sony has spilled the beans. As quickly as that. But rather than the Xperia GX we were keeping our fingers crossed for, instead it turns out the mystery device is a chappy by the name of the Xperia Miro.

Never heard of it? Me neither to be honest, but thankfully Sony is here to inform us that the Miro is “all about helping you have fun”. It's labelled as a “fun, social smartphone” – that's what the whole Facebook tie-in was all about y'see – and Sony has gone the whole hog by rolling out all old classics like how it will “keep you connected everywhere you go” and comes with “Facebook features integrated throughout”.

That last part is seemingly about the ability to set customisable illuminations for whenever there's an incoming message or status update from your Facebook cronies. A closer look at the Miro's info page doesn't add a whole lot: under the heading “Full Facebook Integration” Sony has delivered the priceless “share, music, pics and laughs”. Yeah, thanks for that.

Leave all the social butterfly waffle aside and the Miro appears to be a fairly modest campaigner. The specifics have still to be announced, but we're told it has a 3.5in screen, 5-megapixel camera plus forward-facing video camera, Sony's xLoud audio tech for top-notch music playback and the near-standard DLNA compatibility. There's nothing yet on either price or availability.

So does it deliver on the hype that was built up over what was actually a very clever marketing ploy? In a word, no. Not by a long shot. And it's not just me, either – in fact, it's worth taking a few minutes and checking out the 200-plus comments over on Facebook. At least I managed not to swear...

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