Sony's next-gen Xperia smartphones to come with 60-minute wireless charging?

Sony's next-gen Xperia smartphones to come with 60-minute wireless charging?Our report on efforts to finalise a wireless charging standard last week saw some interesting comments on the merits (or otherwise) of wireless charging and what's needed for it to achieve its potential.

Well, this might help: Sony has developed a new way of charging mobile devices wirelessly that could cut charging times by half, and plans to include it on its smartphones and tablets from the second half of next year.

According to Japan's Nikkei, Sony's new wireless charging tech is based on soon-to-be-ratified new Qi specifications, and has an increased power draw of 10-15W, meaning it can supply power twice as quickly to the device being charged.

The result is a wireless charging solution that will be able to fully charge your average smartphone or tablet battery in just one hour.

The danger of jacking up the amount of power running through the system is the potential for overheating, but both Sony and semiconductor firm Rohm, which is working on a similar system, appear confident that won't be a problem.

Then again, those with particularly long memories might remember the mass laptop battery scare of 2006 when a string of reports of units actually catching on fire forced a massive global recall. The company that supplied the batteries? Sony, of course.

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