Sony’s SPA-TA1 mount lets you attach QX ‘lens cameras’ to your tablet

Sony’s SPA-TA1 mount lets you attach QX ‘lens cameras’ to your tabletRemember Sony’s QX10 and QX100 “lens cameras”? They were officially announced back at IFA 2013, with the aim of turning your smartphone into a high-quality digital camera. Hmm.

Martin mused in his headline: will anyone actually buy them? Well, Sony seems to think so, and indeed it’s just announced a new mount allowing the lens cameras to attach to larger devices like the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

The Sony SPA-TA1 mount will launch in Japan on April 4, priced 3,675 Yen, which is roughly £21 in our money.

However, there’s no mention of a UK or US release for the Sony SPA-TA1 mount at this stage. Is anyone bothered?

Bear in mind that the QX10 and QX100 lens cameras come in at roughly £180 and £400 respectively. The £21 is just for the mount. Obviously.

And indeed factoring in the price of, say, the Sony Xperia Z Tablet, you’re looking at a total of £21 + £180 or £400 + £380 = £580 or £800, all to walk around taking pictures on a fairly colossal device.

Nah, we doubt anyone will be too upset if the SPA-TA1 mount doesn’t come to the UK. If I'm out of line, hit us up below.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 29, 2014 at 16:45

Has anyone triedone of those recently? Seems, initially, the lenses had many issues with dropped WiFi connections and such. Any improvements, oh fans of the Sony?

Pondlife  Jan. 30, 2014 at 12:44

If the lenses are now up to working regularly they do appeal on some level for more quality shots, not for office parties, at sports grounds, gigs, after work drinking and the like. Certainly easier for photographer to be sure they've got the shot they want on such a screen than a 3.5" screen on back of average camera...

Potentially handy for portrait, wedding, landscape and wildlife photographers and still much cheaper and more useful than the video equipment film students and low budget film makers have had to use in the past.

Not expecting that these will ever be as regular a sight as everyday facebook fodder producing but doubt they were expecting sales in the tens of millions either, sure hope not.

Pondlife  Jan. 30, 2014 at 12:57

Mind you for portrait work my dslt will hook up to a tv, which has advantages and disadvantages over this...

From the prior article As clever as the concept is, it smacks of a homebrew solution made official, and while the quality of the components and execution is no doubt hard to fault, you're still spending £180 (or £400) just to upgrade your phone's camera.

Well that's similar cost to the (current) difference between the 1020 and the 920/925 and similar that the camera is the main difference between them.

Oh and given the common effect of sunlight on some screens maybe we'll get a return to this style of photographer :D


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