Got a spare $10K lying around? Vertu can help you spend it

Got a spare K lying around? Vertu can help you spend itWho says Symbian can't be glamorous? Witness the Constellation T, the latest trinket for the filthy rich from Nokia's luxury Vertu division.

A study in leather and gold, this high-end handset is Vertu's first touchscreen phone, and is rumoured to have a price tag in the $10,000 bracket. Then again, if you have to ask the question, you probably can't afford one anyway.

So what do you get for your $10k? Well, for that kind of money exclusivity would have to be top of the list – the very fact that you have one should be enough to impress all those low-brow commoners with their iPhones and Androids.

But that aside, Vertu has at least given a partial nod to modernity here. The display is a 3.5in AMOLED effort, the camera is capable of 8-megapixel snaps and you even get a generous 32GB of storage to play around with.

You'll be pleased to hear your large chunk of change also buys Vertu's concierge service, which puts a full-time operator on the other side of a dedicated button ready to assist you in doing... well, whatever it is very rich people do all day.

The only sour note here – apart from the state of your bank balance by the time you've handed over your fortunes – is that the connection with Nokia means you're stuck with Symbian as your operating system. And it was going so well there, too...

Still, the well-heeled no doubt aren't too bothered by the smartphone OS arms race, we imagine.

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