Speculation abounds over unscheduled Nokia board meeting

Speculation abounds over unscheduled Nokia board meetingThe tech press has been awash with speculation this weekend after reports from Finland claiming Nokia's board held an unscheduled meeting through the week.

National Finnish broadcaster TLE is at the heart of the claims, reporting that the board of directors met to discuss “key decisions on the future of the company”. The question is – what decisions?

The complexities of translating Finnish into other languages have led to some versions of the story suggesting the meeting is only taking place this week, but the majority seem to agree that the meeting has already taken place.

The emphasis on it being an “unscheduled” meeting means the board was clearly getting together to discuss something both significant and time-sensitive.

And in the same week it emerged that high-level talks have been taking place over a possible buyout by WP8 partner Microsoft, no wonder the rumours have been flying.

Especially with Microsoft's Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore revealing on Twitter that part of his European summer “holiday” plans included popping over to Espoo for a visit to Nokia HQ.

But there are other possibilities why the meeting took place. Just before news of the Microsoft buyout talks emerged, rumours suggested Huawei was also keen on a deal. Could we have underestimated the seriousness of those rumours?

Then there's the rumour that Siemens is looking to sell its part of the Nokia Siemens Network venture, which has singlehandedly at times kept Nokia's quarterly financial results looking semi-respectable over the past few years.

Restrictions on activities surrounding the respective partners' portions of the business networking and services venture were lifted in April, and the total value of NSN is estimated to be as much as €7bn.

Should Siemens indeed be looking to sell, Nokia's preference would be to buy its partner out, and the board has gathered – so the theory goes – to discuss how to raise the funds.

It's not a fashionable notion given the tech press' general leanings towards all things consumer, but in truth this latter possibility is the most likely, and probably the only idea we've mentioned so far that would in fact see the Nokia board called in at short notice.

As an aside, Finnish paper Helsingin Sanomat has published a piece allegedly exposing the specifics of Nokia's Windows Phone deal with Microsoft.

WPCentral has done a decent job of summing it up, but the highlights include the fact that Microsoft's quarterly payments to Nokia for using WP allegedly amount to $250m, with the deal set to run until 2016.

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