Speedy LTE Advanced-capable Samsung Galaxy S4 about to launch?

Speedy LTE Advanced-capable Samsung Galaxy S4 about to launch?So at long last we get a Samsung Galaxy S4-related story that isn't about new sales records or ridiculous forecasts for the future. Makes for refreshing reading, quite frankly.

But no sooner do we report on lower sales expectations for the Galaxy S4 than another GS4-related rumour emerges – that a new, even faster version of Samsung's Android flagship is set to launch this very month.

Or it will in Korea, anyway. That's Samsung's home market, of course, but more to the point it's also one of very few countries offering LTE Advanced data services, which allow for 1Gbps+ data transfers (“conventional” 4G LTE tops out at a theoretical 100Mbps, and in reality doesn't get anywhere near that).

Samsung's mobile boss JK Shin has revealed an LTE Advanced-capable version of the Galaxy S4 is indeed on the way to Korea, according to Reuters.

The super-speedy GS4 variant will reportedly come with a Snapdragon 800 processor, presumably because Samsung's own Exynos chips don't support LTE Advanced, and predictably will also cost a bit more.

Samsung is still finalising the details of which Korean operators will carry the handset, which presumably is the only thing holding up its official rollout there.

Interestingly, Reuters also says Samsung is “in talks with several overseas carriers to take the phone”.

Why don't we just leave it there and innocently pretend that's the only obstacle in the way of it launching in the UK, shall we?

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