Spotify to add free ad-supported streaming for mobile devices

Spotify to add free ad-supported streaming for mobile devicesAt present, there are three options when it comes to Spotify’s music streaming packages: Free, Unlimited (£4.99 per month) and Premium (£9.99 per month). However, if you’re looking to stream music on your smartphone or tablet specifically, your only option is to fork over that monthly tenner.

But wait! Put that wallet away, buddy. Word on the street suggests a free option is coming soon to mobile devices.

That’s the story over on The Wall Street Journal, with credit going to anonymous “people familiar with the matter”.

They’re saying that the Free option, “Made possible by ads” (in Spotify’s words), is coming soon to smartphones and tablets. At present, that particular option is extended only to desktop and laptop users.

Spotify has reportedly been negotiating “for nearly a year” with industry bigwigs Sony, Universal and Warner, ironing out exactly how those companies will make their all-important dollar.

The answer, in a nutshell, is ads, while users will be pushed towards upgrading by way of a whole bunch of restrictions. But hey, if you’re paying Jack Sh*t, you can hardly moan.

The Journal’s Hannah Karp notes that Spotify has invited journalists along for doughnuts (seriously) next week, but it’s not clear what the music streaming dudes have on the cards.

The development is no doubt due – at least in part – to the rollout of iTunes Radio, which is entirely free for iOS peeps, and similarly powered by ads.

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BEEPBEEP123  Dec. 7, 2013 at 01:20

I wouldn't mind a few ads for free music streaming for life. Plus I can finally fit in with the cool crowd by listening to music from Spotify

Stelph  Dec. 9, 2013 at 11:11

Same, havent looked for a while but last time I checkd it was £9.99 for spotify which was waaaaaay to high, would be interested at £4.99 (although the social side of it would annoy me) but for free with adds id definalty snap it up


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