Spotify Family welcomes up to five users on one account, savings aplenty

Spotify Family welcomes up to five users on one account, savings aplentyThe ability to register your Spotify account across several devices is all well and good, but the notion of account sharing goes to pot as soon as two devices attempt to rock out at the same time.

Realising that there’s obviously a market for the sharing thing, Spotify Family will soon welcome up to five users on the same account for a discounted price.

The Spotify Family service is simply “coming soon” at the moment, but we’re promised sexy savings on those additional – up to four – accounts.

Spotify Family benefits are fourfold, with – for starters – every user being a fully recognised Premium member; offline play is permitted, and there are no ads.

In addition, each Spotify Family member operates independently, with his or her own playlists and recommendations, and furthermore – benefit #3 – there are no restrictions in terms of simultaneous play.

Finally, the factor we all care about is Spotify Family price. Each additional member gets 50% off, so that’s £4.99PM for Spotify Premium instead of the usual £9.99. Sah-weet.

The move follows the introduction of Family Sharing in iOS 8, which puts six people under the one App Store umbrella, with only one purchase per app required in order to secure access for all. Viva Le Famille!

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