ST25i Kumquat image leaked, yet more Sony (Ericsson) action

ST25i Kumquat image leaked, yet more Sony (Ericsson) actionWe’ve had a fair few Sony (Ericsson) leaks over the past week or so, including this and this, and the manufacturer is expected to make a handful of new handsets official at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

Among those is the ST25i Kumquat, and Xperia Blog reckons it’s scored the first shot of the bad boy in action.

XB explains that when the team first laid eyes on the ST25i Kumquat image, they actually thought they were looking at the LT22i Nypon, which in turn borrows heavily from the Sony Xperia S. Phew. The giveaway is bigger icons, suggesting a lower resolution.

All three – the ST25i Kumquat, LT22i Nypon and Sony Xperia S – rock the new Iconic Identity design, with a transparent strip near the bottom acting as a notifier and status indicator. We think we quite like it. Maybe.

Rumoured specs for the ST25i Kumquat include a 3.5in display with 480x854 resolution, 1GHz dual-core processor and 5MP camera. It’s a successor of sorts to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray.

We’re looking forward to playing with Sony’s wares at Mobile World Congress in… hang on a sec… five weeks.

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