ST26i: more budget Sony action

ST26i: more budget Sony actionWe already have the Sony Xperia P, Xperia S, and Xperia U, and recently the ST21i – or Tapioca – has been rumoured at the lower end.

Now we’re hearing details of another possible Sony budget effort, this time with model number ST26i. Not the first time it’s popped up, to be honest, but the first time we’ve put pen to ST26i-flavoured paper.

The proposed Sony ST26i specs are revealed courtesy of a set of GLBenchmark results. No need to hold onto your hat, Jim, as said specs are decidedly modest.

We have a 45nm Qualcomm MSM7627A chipset for starters, officially flagged at 800MHz but possibly clocked at 1GHz in this instance.

Other Sony ST26i specs include a 480 x 854 resolution display, and – pretty much a given at this stage in the game – Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4).

Still not entirely clear where these budget chaps – the ST21i and ST26i – are destined for, but we don’t imagine you lot will shed many tears if it turns out to be exclusively “emerging markets”.

via: Xperia Blog

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