It's Stephen Elop again, talking about tablets and MeeGo

It's Stephen Elop again, talking about tablets and MeeGoIt must be the official Stephen Elop Week or something, as the Nokia frontman has been popping up all over the place full of quotable quotes for our mobile delectation.

His latest appearance comes at Qualcomm's Uplinq expo in California, where he took to the stage to further explain the motives behind buddying up Windows Phone 7, and shed some light on Nokia's tablet strategy – or lack thereof.

Elop has been a busy man of late. He was the subject of a one-on-one interview on stage at the D9 conference, while also starring in a lengthy Business Week feature that surfaced around the same time.

And now he's at it again, revealing a five-point strategy for success and talking extensively about the decision to drop MeeGo and why we shouldn't be expecting a Nokia tablet any time soon.

His five-point plan is hardly earth-shattering, comprising common-sense principles such as delighting the customer, building operator support and taking care of developers.

His comments on MeeGo, however, were more revealing, even if they did largely echo what he said in the Business Week piece that surfaced through the week: “We had a lot of great innovation and a lot of great work that had taken place around the MeeGo platform but what we assessed was that we could not create a portfolio of devices covering a full range of price-points fast enough to deal, or respond to our competitors,” he said.

“MeeGo comes in at the high end but we couldn't see it coming down fast enough to help us deal with all of our problems.”

As for the tablet debate, Elop said there was no point in joining a market right now that is both heavily oversubscribed and dominated by a single product at the same time.

“Let's say there are 201 tablets,” he argued. “One of those tablets is being sold furiously and at great profit, is very, very successful and is obviously a very delightful experience.

“The other 200 tablets, with all due respect, are not yet attractive enough to gain any momentum and that's a concern to a lot of retailers.

“For Nokia, I always say with regards to our tablet strategy – I don't just want to be number 202.”

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gefffers432d  Jun. 3, 2011 at 13:25

Single handely destroying a big manufacturer; he's the most obvious trojan horse there is - Micrsoft will buy Nokia once he has decimated their share price (at the rate of his current progress won't have long to wait). Shows a level of incomptence such that he should'nt be in charge of a charity shop...

Not to releae new phones now will mean people will say at the end of 2011 ; Nokia did'nt they use to make phones ? still never mind don't need them now as so many great android phones on the market and could always buy an Apple phone instead..

However hired him within Nokia needs to be politely shown the door.......... or not so politely.....

JanSt / MOD  Jun. 3, 2011 at 14:19


Caution though - it's a long read ;)


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