Steve Wozniak: big fan of the ‘special’ Apple Watch

Steve Wozniak: big fan of the ‘special’ Apple WatchAh, you can always count on Steve Wozniak for some good quotes. Apple’s co-founder has previously declared his love for Windows Phone, suggested Apple has lost its cool, and pitched the idea of an Android iPhone.

Here, Wozniak sings the praises of the Apple Watch, suggesting it’s going to be something “special”, not like the smartwatches we’ve seen to date.

“I’ve had bad experiences with smartwatches so far,” Woz tells BBC News Technology.

“The thing is, Apple makes the products more fun than anyone else, and if you look at the sort of display, the imaginative, it’s almost like a little piece of art, a little holograph; it’s almost like part of a game to play with this watch. And it’s going to be so special.

“Just like you do nowadays, you walk around: ‘You got an iPhone?’ ‘You got an iPhone?’ ‘You got an iPhone?’ A lot of people, especially in hip camp areas, they have to have that. They’re going to be saying: ‘Ah, you got the right watch. You got the same watch as me.'”

We’re repeatedly told that wearable tech is the Next Big Thing, and while the explosion hasn’t quite happened yet, the Apple Watch is tipped to light the fuse.

Wozniak suggests that the ability to monitor blood glucose for diabetics will immediately tap into a niche market, while Apple’s reputation for building high-end premium products will lead to millions of people clambering to get the Apple Watch from Day One.

The Apple Watch release date has been set for April in the US, though it’ll realistically be a few months more before it appears in the UK. In the meantime, check out What does the Apple Watch do? Five things it can, five things it can't.

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