How likely are you to stick with your OS?

How likely are you to stick with your OS?

Here's some news that probably won't surprise anybody: Apple owners are the most likely to replace their pride and joy with another iDevice come upgrade time and remain loyal to their brand more than other OS users.

This is according to a study by research firm GfK, which spoke to around 4,500 people in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Far East in its latest number-crunching exercise.

Out of all iPhone users interviewed, 84% of them said they'd get another when it came to replacement o'clock. Android users came second at 60%.

Bad news for RIM, which came out at only 48% loyalty - perhaps affected by the mass outage and outrage in October which the BlackBerry community is desperately trying to put behind it.

GfK said there is still plenty of room for manufacturers to gain a loyalty foothold - especially with those OSes that work across devices - but getting loyalty cracked is important because an average of 63% of users will stick to what they know and, in most cases, love.

And Ryan Garner, one of GfK's analysts, reckons that while Cupertino may be at the top of the loyalty table, it's not necessarily going to stay there:

"Apple is clearly ahead of the game, but developments next year will challenge that," Garner predicted.

"The scope for brands to lure customers from rivals has diminished and the richest rewards will go to those providers that can create the most harmonious user experience and develop this brand loyalty."

Via Reuters

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