Stream direct from Google Play Music to Sonos speakers

Stream direct from Google Play Music to Sonos speakersGood news if you happen to use Google Play Music and own some fancy Sonos wireless speakers.

The chaps at Google and Sonos have teamed up to make it possible to stream music directly from the Play Music app to Sonos hardware. Lovely.

Previously it was necessary to use the Sonos Controller app to fire your Google Play music at speakers, but now you can do the necessary from within the Play Music app.

“As we continue to invest in the way you experience and control your music at home, curating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms, the benefits of playing your music to Sonos directly from these very services is clear”, writes Sonos on its official blog.

“In Google Play Music, we’ve found a great partner to bring this vision to life for the first time on a global scale. Together, we’ve created a music experience that shows how media, devices, and sound can seamlessly work together in the home.”

Google Play Music lets users store up to 20,000 songs in the cloud, while All Access subscribers get access to millions of tracks without ads.

Er, I should mention that this news pertains specifically to Android for now. There’s no word on similar functionality for iOS users, with Sonos simply reiterating that you can use their official Controller app.

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