Strike Knight iPhone review

Strike Knight iPhone reviewBackflip Studios has a fairly impressive arsenal of games under its belt, including Army of Darkness, the fantastically retro Buganoids, and perhaps most notably Paper Toss (which is miles better than it has any right to be).

Strike Knight takes tenpin bowling, removes the gutters, replaces the ball with an air hockey-style puck, and throws in a dancing Knight. Why not?

Control-wise, Strike Knight is satisfyingly similar to the single swipe mechanic adopted in Paper Toss. Incidentally, you’ll be familiar with Strike Knight’s bar setting if you’ve sampled Backflip’s paper lobbing delight.

As in tenpin bowling, you have 10 frames, and two shots per frame. If you wipe out all the pins in one go that’s a strike, two goes is a spare. Simples.

However, Strike Knight changes things up a notch with a unique scoring system. Before your first shot, a board above the lane runs through a sequence of pairs of scores (stay with me here). The numbers displayed on the board when your first shot connects dictate the pointage.

More specifically, the top number on the board is how much you get for a strike, and the bottom is the value for a spare. You get hundreds of points for a strike or a spare, but if you have pins left over, you simply get the number of pins you knocked down.

The robotic Knight is fairly amusing. He does a little dance or punches the air or plays with electricity when you get a strike. He also shouts stuff like: “Nice one!” Conversely, when you mess up, he puts hits big robohead in his hands.

Like Paper Toss, Strike Knight should – in theory – be pretty rubbish, but it’s oddly compelling. I don’t understand it, but hats off to Backflip.

The only poo thing is the adverts. Strike Knight is free, so you’re treated to an ad along the top of the screen. At one point I had an ad at the top and bottom of the screen, but that seemed to be a bizarre post-pause anomaly. Maybe. There’s also a full-screen ad displayed after each game.

Of course, you can always pay 69p to remove the ads entirely. Fair enough.

Finally, you can play with up to three amigos in Pass & Play. Sweet.


  • Oddly compelling
  • The robot Knight is great
  • 4-player Pass & Play


  • The ads (whatever)

Summary: It’s fun, it’s free… go check it out.

Developer: Backflip Studios

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: free @ App Store

Strike Knight iPhone review

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