The String Arcade album review

The String Arcade album reviewMy neighbours must’ve gotten a heck of a fright when I started blasting string music at ludicrous volume last night. A welcome change from The Dillinger Escape Plan, I’m sure.

See, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, California composer Dren McDonald has arranged a number of videogame soundtracks for string quartet. Meet: The String Arcade. Classy!

Like I say, I wouldn’t normally listen to string music, but The String Arcade’s videogame tie in was a good excuse to crank it up. And crank it up I did.

With 15 tracks in all, there are lots of familiar names here, but some of the String Arcade pieces I enjoyed most I had no prior familiarity with.

I wouldn’t have been able to hum the Minecraft theme, for example, but played by string quartet, it’s immensely enjoyable.

On the whole, I was surprised at how emotive The String Arcade is. There’s obviously a lot of excellent videogame music out there, but this is seriously impressive stuff.

Some of the movements are predictably playful, but far from being some twee tongue-in-cheek nod to videogames, The String Arcade is also dark, broody, and at times balls-out ominous.

The String Arcade album reviewPencilled in for a February 11 release, you can currently pre-order The String Arcade for £5.99 at iTunes before it jumps up a couple of quid.

And if you’re in two minds, you might be swayed by the fact that it’s all for a good cause, with all The String Arcade proceeds going to a non-profit after school music program in Almeda, California.

Or heck, if you frown upon helping your fellow man, but enjoy videogame and/or string music, you can always check out The String Arcade for the sheer enjoyment, and to hell with the kids.

I’ll briefly reiterate how much I loved The String Arcade (a lot) before relaying the full track list. Here it comes:

  1. Grasswalk - Plants Vs. Zombies
  2. Echos of Ecco - Ecco The Dolphin
  3. Ferdinand Wanders Out For a Late Night Haircut - Pettington Park
  4. Engii - FTL
  5. Sonic 2 Scherzo - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  6. Outlaws Title Theme
  7. Medicated Cow Walks the Cobbled Streets with Disgruntled Goat - Ravenshire Castle
  8. Scurvy Scallywags Theme - Scurvy Scallywags
  9. Scabb Cemetery_International House of Mojo - Secret of Monkey Island 2
  10. Optimism For an Improvement in The John Situation
  11. Turret Suite - Portal 2
  12. Minecraft Title Theme
  13. Tango Down - graBLOX
  14. Dance of the Space Bugs - Galaga
  15. The Legend of Zelda Title Theme

Composer: Dren McDonald

Pre-order price: £5.99 @ iTunes

Release date: February 11

The String Arcade album review

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