Study: 10% of phone users responsible for 90% of mobile data

Study: 10% of phone users responsible for 90% of mobile data

Here's some news for those T-Mobile users facing new data use restrictions: a new study has revealed that just 10% of mobile subscribers are responsible for 90% of mobile data traffic across all networks.

Traffic management firm Bytemobile commissioned the study, and will no doubt be interested in the finding that 60% of all mobile data in 2011 will be used on video, up from 40% in 2010.

That's not if T-Mobile has anything to do with it, of course. Its archaic new 'fair use' policy – even with its newly softened stance – kindly informs us that mobile data connections aren't in fact there for video at all. That's why we have home broadband, in case you didn't know.

T-Mobile users will at least be able to use up to 500MB of data a month as they choose before their connection is restricted to browsing only, so it's unlikely you'll see any subscribers as part of that 10% minority.

And to be fair, such a wide split is hardly surprising in the first place. A large percentage of mobile phone users simply don't watch video on their phones, and many that do only do so sparingly. In addition, tiered data packages automatically mean that a small minority are going to gravitate to more expensive plans or move to a network like Three that has no data restrictions, increasing the divide still further.

What the Bytemobile survey doesn't appear to reveal is figures on total consumption. With subscribers inevitably opting for more powerful phones at each upgrade cycle, many are experiencing the luxury of being able to watch online video on their handsets for the first time, and that is going to start adding up – even if it is at just 500MB at a time.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 18, 2011 at 21:46

Wonder what impact exactly the iPhone has had - not only because it attracted millions of 1st-time smartphonies, but also because mobile Safari is such a datahog. Last year, by the by, Opera estimated that worldwide customers would save $9 Billion annually if they used Opera Mini because all sites visited via OM are compressed on Opera's servers, and the phone downloads a fraction of the data.


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