Super Sam Adventures iOS review

Super Sam Adventures iOS review

And so to Super Sam Adventures, another free download from the App Store – one that’s currently being promoted under Best New Games. I’ll be the judge of that, Apple. I’ll be the judge of that.

Oddly, just as I’m putting fingers to keys, I’ve realised that there’s also a Super Sam without the Adventures, though it appears to be pretty much identical. What the…? Anyway, yes, Super Sam Adventures; let’s check it out.

In a surprising turn of events, Super Sam Adventures is neither an endless runner nor a match three game. The action here is split across levels – 55 in all, set across six unique worlds.

You control the eponymous Sam as he falls automatically from the top of the screen, essentially tilting left and right to avoid obstacles.

In each of Super Sam Adventures’ levels, you’re tasked with completing a mission, such as ‘Collect X coins’, ‘Avoid all obstacles for Y metres’, or ‘Destroy Z objects’.

Along the way you’ll find various boosts such as the rocket thingy and the invincibility bubble, and upon completing each level, you’re assigned a star rating from one to three depending on how many coins you collected. Simple!

Super Sam Adventures iOS review

Super Sam Adventures adopts the Candy Crush Saga technique of rationing lives, though you can store up to 12 at a time here. Run out and you can either wait for them to replenish, or buy some more using the gem currency, which – incidentally – also allows you to continue.

And that’s pretty much the size of Super Sam Adventures. It actually plays surprisingly well, and the missions are clearly well thought out and mostly quite varied. I quite like the cartoonish visuals, too.

On the poop side, you can expect the difficulty to ramp up quite dramatically around the mid-thirties, though that comes as little surprise since we’re dealing with a freemium title. Fair enough.

Having said that, there’s not actually a great deal you can do to further your progress in Super Sam Adventures should you become stuck – even if you are willing to part with cash.

See, we’re in version 0.7, and as such the boosters aren’t yet available. Click on the slot and you’ll see the message: “No boosters for now. Coming soon!” Ok, so, in the meantime, I’m completely and utterly stuck. Great.

But yeah, you should be able to blast through most of the levels if you’re willing to persevere, but be prepared for a fair amount of frustration in the latter stages.


  • Looks pretty good
  • Decent variety in the missions
  • It’s free to play


  • Gets real hard around level 34
  • There aren’t any boosters yet
  • Ultimately a bit samey

Summary: Super Sam Adventures is a surprisingly ok-ish level-based mission-a-thon. Not great, but nor is it terrible. It’ll be interesting to see what version 1.0 brings - bearing in mind that this is only version 0.7.

Developer: Moon Active

Price: free @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Super Sam Adventures iOS review

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