Supposed Nokia EOS chassis actually an early glimpse of Nokia's phablet?

Supposed Nokia EOS chassis actually an early glimpse of Nokia's phablet?The last time we checked, things were coming together quite nicely ahead of the arrival of Nokia's EOS next month.

A launch event had been confirmed, pics of the EOS' brushed aluminium chassis had leaked extensively, and we even had more finalised snaps of the camera cover that replaced the “XX megapixel” placeholder text with the magical figure PureView fans wanted to see: 41MP.

But just when we expected the Nokia rumour mill to give us some peace for a bit, things have gone a little mental.

First up, those aluminium chassis pics that have been doing the rounds have been scrutinised more closely, and based on the size of the microUSB slot hole the chassis has been calculated as measuring around 153 x 77mm.

That's in Samsung Galaxy Note territory (147 x 83mm), so unless Nokia intends its PureView flagship to have the world's thickest bezel, the pics in question simply can't be of the EOS unless the specs we've been hearing about are way out.

The alternative is that the jumbo chassis is our first glimpse at some kind of photography-loving phablet Nokia is cooking up.

Rumours of a 5.3in-ish-screened Nokia phablet have been knocking around for about as long as we've been talking about the EOS. At this point, expectations (such as they are) suggest a full HD display and quad-core processor, along with a future version of Windows Phone 8 that actually supports those two features. With that in mind, a Q4 launch is seen as the soonest it could launch.

So could we be seeing an early prototype of a device still the best part of six months away from launching? Quite possibly. The pictured chassis doesn't look like a production-ready sample, and there's simply no way a 4.5in handset would have a chassis so big.

We'll cover some other Nokia rumours later today, but in the meantime it's worth mentioning a whole bunch of additional images have emerged of the mystery aluminium chassis - head over to Engadget for more.

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