Surface for Windows 8 Pro: twice the price, half the battery life

Surface for Windows 8 Pro: twice the price, half the battery lifeMicrosoft's Surface for Windows 8 Pro has just been priced and dated for release by Microsoft, and to summarise we're talking “expensive” and “in January”, neither of which is too much of a surprise, to be honest.

But while that $899 (starting) price gives you a fair bit more than the cheaper Surface for Windows RT in most areas, one disappointing exception to the rule is battery life.

Microsoft has revealed via Twitter that the higher-end Surface will only offer “approximately half” the battery life of the RT-based model, which – depending on who you listen to – equates to somewhere between three and a quarter and five hours.

That the Windows 8 Pro edition of Microsoft's debut tablet has a higher power draw is a no-brainer – the Intel i5 chip, premium HD screen and the demands of Windows 8 Pro itself are just three of the more obvious features that take more juice to run.

But while Microsoft has stuck in a bigger battery to compensate, the jump from 31.5W to 42W clearly isn't making enough of a difference.

But considering that ball-park battery life estimate hardly makes the Surface for Windows 8 Pro a massive gas-guzzler compared to its immediate rivals, it still comes across as a fairly major compromise on a device whose entire billing is centred around being uncompromising.

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barrybarryk  Nov. 30, 2012 at 13:24

it's about the same as a macbook air which oddly enough uses more or less the same spec and comes in around the same price. I've no idea why anyone is surprised at any of this


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