Surprise! Analyst talks iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Surprise! Analyst talks iPhone 5S and iPhone 6Remember we said we took a modicum of pride in not reporting every single iPhone 5S rumour? Er, let’s put that notion to the side for just a sec.

It’s been – what? – 24 hours, so it’s time for yet another dose of iPhone 5S talk, this time with Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek going into a ton of detail.

Misek treads familiar water, with talk of the iPhone 5S going into production in March, with production – and indeed sales – of the iPhone 5 in decline.

We’re told that the iPhone 5S launch will go down in June (which probably means WWDC), but might be “delayed” until July. However, Misek himself shoots down that theory, pointing out that the iPhone 5S will likely be hugely similar to the existing iPhone 5.

Probable iPhone 5S specs include a 4in Retina display, slightly faster processor, and slightly improved camera.

As for the iPhone 6, Misek proposes that the earliest it’ll land is October, but that the smart money is on 2014 at some point. In any case, the rumour mill seems fairly settled on 4.8in.

Amusingly, Apple is said to be considering OLED (Tim Cook described it as “awful” this week) for the iPhone 6, or possibly Sharp’s IGZO tech.

Salt? Maybe just a sprinkle, but Misek’s proposed dates aren’t particularly outlandish.

via: Barron's

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