Surprise, surprise: now the LG G2 is being primed for Mini-fication

Surprise, surprise: now the LG G2 is being primed for Mini-ficationIf there's one thing I find depressing about the smartphone market right now, it's the sudden trend for pretty much every high-end Android handset to spawn a “Mini” version a few months later.

What was very much a rare occurrence a couple of years ago now seems to be standard practice, with one handset after another being lined up like lemmings ready to be tossed into the Mini Makeover machine.

Now it's the LG G2's turn, it seems, with a report having emerged on Greek site Techblog (translated here) detailing what the G2's scaled-back derivative will supposedly have to offer.

As you'd expect, the 5.2in display has been downsized to 4.7in, which hints at the full HD screen resolution being dropped for a lesser 720p.

Or maybe it won't, as looking at the other specs it seems LG's take on “Mini” will be to just reduce the overall size but to otherwise leave as much of the full sized G2's specs unchanged, which would redeem it partially at least in our book.

That means you'll still get the Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM offered by the original, though that's all we've been given to go on for now.

We shouldn't have much of a wait to get the full picture, though, as Techblog says the LG G2 Mini is set to be announced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas next month.

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