Does Symbian Belle have an Android ring to it?

Does Symbian Belle have an Android ring to it?You ain't nothing in the mobile game these days unless you've got a big new operating system update in the pipelines.

In Nokia's case that update isn't Symbian Anna, which is as of now still only barely here, but Symbian Belle, the next-gen update to the unloved OS which some reckon has taken more than a couple of cues from Android.

Ironically, Nokia looked long and hard at Android before opting to go with Windows Phone instead in choosing Symbian's eventual replacement back in February.

Until the giant WinPho balloon is fully inflated and looming large over Espoo, though, Symbian still has a job to do. And hot on Anna's heels to do that job will be Symbian Belle, another incremental step for the OS and one we've been hearing an increasing amount about lately.

By that we're talking about the quartet of handsets leaked recently which are expected to give Belle her grand debut around the end of the year, but a couple of Belle's more interesting features have just been flagged up after being incorporated into the Symbian Design Guidelines for developers.

According to ElectricPig, Belle's big party trick will be a take on Android's famed pull-down notification system, taking in a sprinkling of iOS to deliver a full pull-down menu of notifications, updates and shortcuts.

Also new will be the introduction of Android-esque dialogue boxes for carrying out small subtasks, while open applications are described as “living” one level above the “homescreen”, with a “Task Switcher” to hop between them or close them down.

It's an interesting point, though as the recent Apple vs the world argument over the term “app store” proves, the fact that other people choose to follow your example simply proves you're doing something right.

And either way, Symbian will still be Symbian underneath – for better or worse. The fact that Belle is coming so soon after Anna indicates it's hardly going to be a huge overhaul to magically transform the OS into an Android clone, plus given that it'll be heading out over the air to all the existing Symbian^3 handsets restricst the amount of OS surgery that is actually possible.

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Phlegonra  Jul. 12, 2011 at 07:52

i really wish this was to be made available for nokia e71 even though it's not touch based.

adamopinheiro  Jul. 12, 2011 at 13:15

Given that it took them 1 year to release Anna's update to Symbian3 owners (if they release at the end of August as they told), I imagine Belle is going to take a lot more.

jewish4jesus  Jul. 18, 2011 at 16:48

I studied intensively at phones and OS's. I decided that the Nokia C7 is for me. Apple is way over rated and over priced. For a start, apple dosen't support HD voice calling. All the new Nokia's do. Iphone 4 is outdated significantly. Class 10 technology, blue tooth 2.0. And c'mom. iOS 4 which is not good for a business user. It's dull gray appearence and just a menu screen. How boring and a battery killer. The camera is diabolical on the iphone 4 and how about this.... Why have a phone with an appauling hspda speed both download and upload speeds. Seriously. If you need a phone that will endure to the future. Get a new Nokia with symbian anna and soon belle. Belle looks a little like android but still has it's charactor. Symbian anna is a lot better iOS. And the eco system is alot better as symbian uses qt sc which can be used on the N9 linux also. I'm very impressed with the silver C7 with anna on board. Infact many iphone 4 users are paying more interest in my phone than there own on my bus journey's. Also I'm seeing new C7's springing up in more places. And new Nokia's in general. It's seems as though more people are switching to Nokia. Infact I had friend's with iphone's and they phoned me last night asking about details of my phone bless them. The nokia c7 with anna is awesome. Better than iOS and looks more stable than android and nicer looking and vert intuitive and quicker. JUST wait for nokia X10.

whatthehell  Sep. 16, 2011 at 16:33

What the hell? The author seems like a symbian hater. Come out of your restrictions once and see what Nokia has to give out to the world. Better and stable OS with an extremely strong hardware.

Of course Nokia has seen Android, (not)I-phone and other models. Why not take the best of the world and add more from your side? That is how the world is progressing. If not, each car and bike would have a different means of locomotion without using a wheel for everything.

Again, the notifications, OS style is more or less already implemented in N900. Do a bit of research before commenting on any phones, or for that matter anything in the world... else you end up a loser...

whatthehell  Sep. 16, 2011 at 16:35

by the way, I am not sure if you really implement my comments. If you do, then you dare to. Else, take it as my feedback and be happy that you can moderate the comments...

H0p3  Nov. 4, 2011 at 00:18

Android = Java
Symbian = C++


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