TabCo tablet: the JooJoo is back

TabCo tablet: the JooJoo is backWe're all for a bit of creative marketing, but the trick to making it work is having something of substance that lives up to the hype.

And we're afraid that Fusion Garage's new Grid 10 tablet – or the mysterious TabCo tablet, if you prefer, just doesn't make the grade.

For a good couple of months now we've been tantalised by the previously unheard of TabCo group and its tablet, which it promised would “reinvent the wheel”. From skywriters to sneak-peek videos, TabCo played just about every marketing trick in the book.

In fact, such was the curiosity the project that the rumours started spreading like wildfire even without TabCo's help. Was it a front for Nokia's entry into the tablet arena? Or perhaps an early unveiling of a Windows 8 tablet?

Alas, the truth is far less dramatic, as we found out yesterday. TabCo is a completely made up company and the mystery tablet has finally been revealed as the Fusion Garage Grid 10 – the sequel to the spectacularly unsuccessful JooJoo tablet we saw last year.

It's a 10.1in slate running at a resolution of 1366 x 768 and featuring a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor inside. There's 16GB of storage on board, along with 512MB of RAM.

The Grid 10 runs on the “Grid OS”, a platform based on Android but with its own Grid Shop for apps.

Fusion Garage says it will give owners of the original JooJoo a Grid 10 tablet completely free of charge, though with sales estimated to have fallen short of 100 units, it's not quite the magnanimous gesture it seems.

The Grid 10 has been dated to launch in a month's time over in the US, and will cost $499 for the base Wi-Fi only model, and $599 if you want 3G too. No word on a local launch as yet.

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