I don't want to not want a tablet

I don't want to not want a tabletOn Friday I penned I want to not want a tablet, an entirely impromptu and occasionally rambling feature detailing my conflicting feelings about tablets.

As the title possibly suggests, ‘I want to not want a tablet’ was largely focused on the negative side of things, in a lame attempt to convince myself that I don’t need – or more importantly want – to buy a tablet. But I kinda do. Sometimes.

As such, I thought it’d only be fair to the not-quite-phones-not-quite-netbooks if I listed the reasons why I would quite like a wee 10in slate by my side. The reasons might be few, so be prepared for some more rambling. Anyone see Coronation Street last night?

At the tail end of ‘I want to not want a tablet’ I looked at some of the primary functions of slates, and suggested that there’s always something that’s better suited to the task. A Nintendo DS for gaming or a Kindle for reading, for examples.

That statement might be true, but it’s also a tad unfair. Tablets do lots of things, and most of them well. Let’s revisit those bullet points from Friday, shall we?

Browsing: I reckon I’d mostly use my tablet while lazing around on the couch watching TV. Tablets obviously have bigger screens than smartphones, with the added bonus that you can – unlike laptops - use them while lying on your side. Mmm, lazy. Winner: tablets.

Gaming: Unlike full-blown consoles, you can play on a tablet while semi-watching TV, and games like Infinity Blade look fantastic on the big(ger than phone) screen. Tablets: 2, Phone & Xbox: 0.

What about handhelds? New Nintendo DS and PSP games cost around £20-30. Meanwhile, Infinity Blade, for example, is significantly cheaper at just £3.49. That's less than a delicious Big Mac Meal. Also, handheld games usually demand more focus and a greater investment of time, especially if you want to get your money’s worth. Winner: tablets.

eReading: Yes, you can use the Kindle on the beach in the sun. Whatever. This is the UK, man. We get approximately five days of sun per year (two for us north of the border). The far more likely scenario is sitting in a darkened room mid-July while it’s pouring outside. Also, comics in full glorious colour? Yes please. Winner: tablets.

Film and TV: Ok, in Size Matters I suggested that watching films or TV on anything smaller than a widescreen TV was a bit pants. However, I’ve been known to dabble in utter mince, like Supernatural (which was actually pretty good for the first few seasons, honest), and watching said mince on a 10in screen would be just fine. Also, watching junk on a tablet is infinitely more appealing than those crappy little airplane screens. Winner: tablets.

So there you have it. Tablets are, in fact, the best things ever.

Clearly I’m being facetious, though I’m impressed – if I do say so myself – that I’ve managed to make such a convincing argument both for and against tablets. I should probably be a lawyer or work in marketing or something.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 27, 2011 at 13:58

eBook readers with eInk are way superior in terms of battery life, eyestrain etc etc... All your examples are about 'casual' uses. The beach, the couch.
But hey, life's a party, oi. Oink. Oink.

blizzard7  Jun. 27, 2011 at 14:41

Agreed. Even on a fairly overcast day my Macbook Pro (which had almost identical amounts of glossyness to an iPad) defaults to near full or full brightness and even then there's still reflections all over the show. You learn to see through these reflections but it's definitely not good for your eyes. No such problems on my trusty Kindle. And since when is watching TV downtime? Watch some better programs! :p


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