Is the tablet bubble bursting?

Is the tablet bubble bursting?Opinion remains divided about the tablet market's long-term viability, with some people looking at the iPad's success as proof that people want tablets, and others saying it simply proves that people want Apple gadgets.

And if you're one of those in the second camp, you'll no doubt be interested to hear that several leading players look to be switching their focus back to high-end smartphones after seeing decidedly average returns from their tablet adventures.

We've felt for a while now that what interest there is in tablets – at least, what interest there is in tablets other than the iPad – is nowhere near enough to support the dozens and dozens of new slates flooding onto the market.

But it's not just the marginal players who're feeling the heat, it seems. Taiwan's DigiTimes claims well-known handset makers such as Motorola, RIM, LG and HTC are reducing their investment in 7in and 10in tablets to focus once more on R&D for 4in to 5in Android smartphones.

DigiTimes reckons Samsung is about the only company outside of Apple that has seen any real joy in the tablet market so far, and that handset makers are increasingly deterred by the fact that not only are they taking on each other in the tablet market, but also traditional notebook manufacturers too.

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