Tablet market three times the size it was a year ago

Tablet market three times the size it was a year agoThere are still plenty of tablet doubters, but it looks like they're increasingly in the minority, because new figures show the tablet market has tripled in size in just 12 months.

New stats from Strategy Analytics tell us over 15 million tablets were sold in the second quarter this year, a 331% increase over a year earlier.

No surprises as to the identity of the market leader – it's still the iPad. But it's market share has fallen from a completely dominant 94.3% a year ago to 61.3% this year, which basically suggests most of that massive growth has come courtesy of its competitors.

Think back to a year ago and most people would struggle to name a single other tablet on the market, and that's reflected in the figures. Android tablets had just 2.9% share in Q2 last year, and it's now on 30.1%. Microsoft with Windows 7, and BlackBerry with QNX, garnered 4.6% and 3% of the market respectively.

The question now is whether Android's rise is going to continue as it has in the smartphone market, and if so just when it will overtake iOS and take top spot.

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