Tablet or phone? Get them both together at Carphone Warehouse

Tablet or phone? Get them both together at Carphone WarehouseHere's an interesting stat for you - only 9% of smartphone users tether their mobile connections to their tablets. That's come direct from Carphone Warehouse.

Which is kinda convenient since the retailer has just unveiled some bundles that'll get you a phone and a tablet together on the same bill.

It involves things like the Samsung Galaxy Tab/Galaxy Apollo for £31 a month, Archos 101/HTC Wildfire S for the same price or BlackBerry's PlayBook/Curve 9300 for £36 a month.

But you'll notice that none of these are cutting edge models:

Tablet wise, the Galaxy Tab is almost a year old and getting on a bit, the PlayBook has suffered from bad sales - so much so that RIM is reportedly thinking of scrapping it (RIM denies this) - and the Archos 101 is a bit of a random breed that doesn't even offer you the freedom of the Android market.

And when you look at the phones on offer, the Galaxy Apollo is an entry level Android handset which is the same that could also be said of the Curve 9300 and HTC Wildfire S. Not that any of this is necessarily a problem because you may not want the latest technology, but we can't help chuckle at what is obviously an attempt by CPW to shift some lower end or badly selling stock and put a bit of well crafted marketing gloss on it.

CPW reckons that almost a quarter of people who intend to get a tablet plan to tether it to their handset and Android users are twice as likely to do this than iPad owners. Not massively surprising though when you consider that tethering has been an option in Android since the launch of Froyo 2.2 and is free. Whereas iPhone users either have to jailbreak their phones first or pay through the hooter to their networks if they deign to do it the 'proper' way.

Either way, if you're in the market for a tablet and phone deal, it could work out quite well for you. Personally though, we'd just grab an all in one like the Galaxy S2 or the forthcoming Galaxy Note which seem to bridge the tablet-phone gap very well. Maybe CPW could put them on offer too?

For more on the new Carphone Warehouse bundled deals, check out the official press release.

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