Tablets: gimme one good reason

Tablets: gimme one good reasonIt’s happening. The cracks are beginning to form. Despite aligning myself with the tablet naysayers, I find myself increasingly drawn to them. But don’t ask me why. Whenever I try to rationalise my feelings, I realise they make no sense whatsoever.

I guess it’s a symptom of writing about the damn things. As much as we try to focus on the smartphone side of the industry, tablets continually demand a significant slice of news pie.

Then there are the conferences, where company reps cajole you into playing with the latest gadgets, months ahead of their release. “Have you played with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab yet, sir?” “It feels good, doesn’t it? You want one, don’t you?” Must. Resist.

If I do succumb to my tablet cravings, it’ll likely be the result of some insane impulse purchase. There is not one single reason I can think of for owning one.

Personally, I spend my working day on my laptop, writing stuff for Mobot. If I want to surf the web at any point, I do it on my laptop. Even if I had, say, an iPad at my side, I can’t imagine why I’d opt to use it instead.

So what else do people use tablets for? Well, there’s the gaming side of things, I guess. There’s no denying Angry Birds looks great on the iPad’s large 9.7in screen, but it’s not like I find myself gaming on the iPhone, thinking: ‘Christ, I really wish this screen was about 6 inches bigger.’ And if I’m up for some serious gameage, I’ll invariably look to the X-Box.

There’s also the portability element to consider. I’d feel like a bit of a tit if I whipped out 10 inches of tablet beef on the train. Tablets look ridiculous. I tend to favour my Kindle when it comes to on-the-move gadgetry.

Actually, that’s probably why the HTC Flyer appeals so much, namely because it’s not as huge as most other tablets. But then it’s only 2.7 inches larger than the Samsung Galaxy S II, which again brings me to: why? If size were a concern, I could go for the S II and kill two birds with one stone.

The final nail in the HTC Flyer coffin is definitely the price. £600 for a tablet that HTC doesn’t seem overly confident about? I think I’ll leave it, thanks.

Do any Mobotniks own tablets? What do you use ‘em for? By all means shoot me down in flames and drag me over to the dark side. Just give me one good reason.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 19, 2011 at 13:38

Okay, happened to me last year. Got a Galaxy Tab, used it twice, sold it. Done. For the rest there's V...

mrew42  Mar. 24, 2011 at 10:42

Last year I bought a generic Chinese Tablet (X5A-G) 7" running android 2.1. I've got the kindle App installed along with iReader, Laputa and Alkido (for complete compatibility with all formats). I watch TV shows/Movies,listen to music but mostly read books. I set up my HTC Desire to wifi tether and I can surf to my hearts content, check the news on the move etc etc Oh and plug it in the TV to watch HD 1080 stuff. £110 delivered. I use it every day and wouldn't be without it.
Would I pay £500 for the same funcionality with a capacitive running a later iteration of the OS? No. not on your nelly.

Stelph  Apr. 1, 2011 at 11:57

For a while I dabbled with a few Andorid tablets but never really gor on with them, then with the recent price crash of the iPads I got myself an iPad 1 for £250. The fact that I have sold them all says it all really, even with the iPad once the "wow" factor was over I was kind of stuck "now what". When sat on my sofa and wanting to quickly browse the web there was nothing on the iPad that I couldnt already do on my iPhone and so guess which one I reached for when I wanted to surf the web, so it eventually went.

I havent given up on the tablet dream however, what I have right now is a Joojoo which is a 12.1" tablet with a capactaive touchscreen and an nvidea ION internals, it originally came with some Linux software which was rubbish, but with a screwdriver and a new 32GB SSD its now running windows 7 and after some tweaking its now great for simple webbrowsing (Chrome with touch extensions), gaming (Steam), word processing (Word with an external keyboard) and other media creation programs (video editors ect) plus it can run and organise my iPhone for me (though with limited space on my SSD I cant have that much media on there :-) )

Personally I think Android and iOS have to massively step up in the tablet sector or I could see Microsoft and Windows 8 making them all irrelivant, the flexability of Windows with the convenicence of a mobile OS would be awesome

cardamon  Apr. 6, 2011 at 23:56

I don't really get it either... whenever I see someone awkwardly trying to balance their tablet on their lap, on the go it just doesn't seem ideal. The only reason I would get it would be for showing off a portfolio, I think it's great for interviews to show photography or design work. Since I always travel with my laptop I feel a tablet would be redundant for my own personal entertainment. I have a kindle and really have fallen in love with it, especially because of the e-ink screen - it's as relaxing as reading on paper.


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