TalkTalk to launch phone this year

TalkTalk to launch phone this yearTalkTalk currently offers home phone and broadband packages, with its pinky toe dipped in the world of mobile in the form of SIM only deals.

Now we’re hearing that the London-based chaps are on the verge of launching some sort of mobile telecoms unit.

The astounding revelation appears in TalkTalk’s preliminary results for 2012. John TalkTalk says: “We plan to launch a handset proposition later this year in addition to our existing SIM only and data products”.

There’s no mention of specs or manufacturer or whatever at this early stage, but we imagine it’ll be a relatively modest proposition, probably with PAYG and contract options.

With its SIM only plans, TalkTalk has built up a user base of 70,000 customers, accounting for a fairly decent 7.5% of the UK’s SIM only market.

It’s one of several Virtual Mobile Networks Operators (VMNOs) in the UK, using the Vodafone network to deliver mobile minutes, textual messages, and delicious data.

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Pondlife  May. 18, 2012 at 11:32

Thought this meant making their own phone when I saw the headline, relieved that it isn't.


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