What's TalkTalk like for SIM only?

Some of the TalkTalk SIM only deals look quite good i.e. half price and double data if you order online! I'm assuming that *doesn't* include tethering though I can't see anything on the site?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 11, 2014 at 11:57

I have checked Talk Talk's support pages and forums for you... It seems, um... not clear.
On the one hand there is Talk Talk's Mobile Tethering Page where it all sounds so great, easy, and "no charge for this"!
On the other hand, you have complaints like in this thread...

Unless another Mobotnik here has 1st hand experience, it may be best to Contact Talk Talk Support here writes the following:
f you want to use your TalkTalk Mobile SIM for tethering, where other mobile devices connect to the internet by using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can do so – but the provider warns that any data that’s used will be taken out of your monthly allowance.

As a consequence, TalkTalk Mobile’s official line is that they “recommend customers do not” tether.
Having said that: of course, tethering comes "out of your allowance"... that is always and everywhere so. I'm not sure what they mean?


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