Tentacles WP7 Review

Tentacles WP7 ReviewIf the App Store can be likened to a proud unsinkable battleship, the Windows Phone 7 marketplace is a modest tugboat that's having difficulty holding water. What it needs, therefore, are some big guns - and Tentacles is nothing less than a torpedo that appeared out of nowhere and is on course to explode.

But enough awkward tortured metaphors. Tentacles is an essential WP7 exclusive... and here's why you should buy it.

Players assume the role of a horrifying microbe that's part eye, part tentacle and all ravenous maw. This disastrous experiment was a failed attempt to create the cutest creature in the universe, but after discovering the flaw, the insane Dr. Phluff accidentally swallows the disgusting atrocity in a fit of pique.

It's now up to us to guide the slimy blob through his body in an effort to take revenge against its creator from the inside.

Tentacles WP7 Review

It's a bizarre and incredibly disturbing premise brought to life by some sumptuous comic book cutscenes and creepy music, but soon enough, you'll get to the meat of the game itself. The blob has three tentacles that stick to any surface, and you'll need to tap the screen to send them out and move the abomination along. Tapping enemies deploys your vicious proboscis to rip out their eyes - and the numerous levels are festooned with hazards to navigate through and bosses to take down.

It's a unique and accessible control system that you'll soon acclimatise to, and provides a stable framework for an extremely enjoyable romp. Though the levels are arguably a little on the repetitive side, frequent time and damage challenges provide extra incentive to choose the best routes and collect as much of the floating particulate matter as possible. You'll be ranked by time, damage and points, providing plenty of high score runs and replayability.

Tentacles WP7 Review

Visually, Tentacles looks great because of competent graphics and outstanding art design. Crisp high resolution sprites and detailed backdrops are all well and good, but they're backed up by a colourful and disgusting aesthetic that's glorious to behold. If a little sickening at times.


  • Unique and accessible gameplay
  • Standout art design
  • Great value


  • Repetitious

Summary: Tentacles is the very definition of a killer app. WP7 owners, make sure that this sells well!

Developer: PressPlay

Price: £3.99 - Windows Live Marketplace

Tentacles WP7 Review

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agolding  Jul. 22, 2011 at 18:08

bought it on wednesday, its absolutely amazing! nothing like it


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