Get a Tesco Mobile Motorola Moto E (PAYG) for just £49.99

Get a Tesco Mobile Motorola Moto E (PAYG) for just £49.99

Tesco Mobile Motorola Moto E (PAYG) is currently £49.99 from Tesco

Here's another way to get a cheap Android handset, this time from Tesco Mobile. There's a significant saving over the best price over an unlocked handset from elsewhere, but this one is of course locked to Tesco Mobile. However, you can get an unlock code for just £1.99 via eBay, which is still a huge saving overall. As for the phone itself, the camera isn't great and you'll almost certainly need to invest in a microSD card to boost up its 4GB internal memory, but otherwise it's a well built and surprisingly powerful smartphone for the price. Thanks to mynameisthehulk @ HUKD!

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