Tesco scraps Hudl smartphone plans, but Hudl 2 tablet still on the cards

Tesco scraps Hudl smartphone plans, but Hudl 2 tablet still on the cardsApple's unveiling of the iWatch and iPhone 6 has dominated the mobile world over the past couple of days, but that's all in the past now and life, inevitably, goes on.

Well, unless you're talking about Tesco's Hudl smartphone that is, as the supermarket giant has announced it is shelving the handset for now to focus on a successor to the Hudl tablet instead.

Tesco introduced its entry-level Android 7-incher towards the end of last year to grab a slice of the affordable tablet pie from the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

The modest spec sheet included things like a 1440 x 900 resolution, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and just 2MP and 3MP camera modules, all for £119 (a price that has since dropped to just £99).

It did pretty well for itself too, and Tesco had planned on adding a Hudl 4G smartphone to its arsenal alongside a second-generation tablet towards the end of the year.

But no more.

"We were confident that we could offer customers something we saw was lacking in the mobile market: an affordable, quality 4G smartphone handset,” says Tesco multichannel director Robin Terrell.

“As we developed the idea in the first few months of the year, we could see a gap we could fill with our customers. The technology sector is fast changing and constantly evolving.”

Translation: the Moto G LTE came along, and we can't compete.

Oh well. Budget tablet shoppers can at least still look forward to the Hudl 2 over the next couple of months. So far Tesco has only said it will be an “enhanced” version of the original, so we'll just have to wait and see what that translates to.

Via Pocket-lint

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