Thief grabs iPhones, leaves Samsung smartphone behind

Thief grabs iPhones, leaves Samsung smartphone behindIt’s a small victory for Apple each time someone ditches a Samsung smartphone in favour of an iPhone, but one chap over in the US of A adopted a slightly unorthodox upgrade technique.

The smash-and-grabber busted into a DMW Wireless display case containing several Apple iPhones, but kindly left his Samsung smartphone at the scene. Brilliant.

The story is reported on The Washington Post, with the heinous/hilarious act taking place in Remington, Virginia.

Having left his Samsung smartphone behind, smash-and-grab apprentice Travis Montgomery Snyder was ultimately arrested this past Monday.

Using a combination of CCTV footage from the DMW Wireless and Travis’ mobile subscription details, the boys in blue were able to confirm that, yes – it was indeed him. Nice work, boys.

Oddly, however, the incident is said to have taken place way back on February 19, and while Travis’ Samsung phone was found at the scene and recovered immediately, it’s apparently taken the cops five months to trace and arrest Snyder.

Only in America, huh?

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 13, 2013 at 18:47

The WP? Hahaha
He probably dropped his phone.
What a story


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