Three: throw on unlimited data for £3

Three: throw on unlimited data for £3Mobile network Three has announced plans to extend its all-you-can-eat (AYCE) data offer to all of its existing contract smartphone customers.

From October 7, pay monthly dudes can add AYCE data for an extra – wait for it –  £3 per month. Get it? Personally, we would’ve preferred if they’d made it £3.50, just to be dicks. Ah well.

Some interesting stats from Three show that data use is increasing at an insane rate. The average Three iPhone 4 user, for example, used a decent 488MB in February this year, but just six months later that figure is almost 1.2GB. Ooft.

Of course, that could be a result of existing AYCE customers absolutely ripping it, and don’t forget tethering is included too.

“The One Plan quickly became our number one contract tariff and our all-you-can-eat PAYG offer is our most popular bundle. From October 7th we’re opening up all-you-can-eat to everyone else, starting from as little as £18 per month,” purred Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three UK.

“Our customers tell us that their use of data goes up significantly over the lifetime of their contracts, as they do more and more with their handset. All-you-can-eat data means that they don’t have to worry, they can have that peace of mind for the long term on a contract of their choice.”

So, waitaminute, people start doing less when they get a new phone? Actually, he’s got a point, I guess. I always forget that the majority of folk are pretty thick. Er, am I allowed to say that?

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hard123  Sep. 29, 2011 at 09:51

Your article indicates that the AYCE £3 add on allows for tethering, it doesn't.

Add internet max does and the One plan does, but the AYCE £3 add on DOES NOT allow for tethering. So dont go getting this add on next week on that pretense.


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